Video Premiere: Sadistic Ritual – ‘End of All Roads’

When we last checked in with Atlanta-based thrashers Sadistic Ritual, the quartet was gearing up to release their debut album, Visionaire of Death. Today, we bring you “End of All Roads,” the debut track from Sadistic Ritual’s upcoming second album, The Enigma, Boundless, on Prosthetic Records. It’s a big step forward for the band, stylistically.

The blackened elements of the Sadistic Ritual’s sound are still present on The Enigma, Boundless but so is an icing of psychedelic fury. On “End of All Roads,” Sadistic Ritual put the listener in a trance without ever breaking from their rhythmic, acidic core sound. The Enigma, Boundless stands out because the thrashers aren’t interested in retreading the same ground as the progenitors of the genre; their spin is noticeable and unique.

“’End of All Roads’ is a mirror held to a society that has spiraled into a chaotic and unsustainable force,” Sadistic Ritual explain. “Authoritarianism, urban decay and surveillance right outside your door. Under a watchful eye, our collective minds are battered into our new found mass psychosis.”

The new single, which you can hear below, comes packaged with a music video that could have been recently unearthed from a ’70s VHS tape. On their signing to Prosthetic, Sadistic Ritual tell Decibel, ““We were looking for a label to push this release to a wider audience. EJ and everyone at Prosthetic were very enthusiastic towards The Enigma, Boundless. We believe Prosthetic shares the vision that has feverishly presented itself in the form of this album.”

Hear the vision for yourself on May 20 and watch the video for “End of All Roads” now. Pre-orders are available here.