Exclusive Track Premiere: Sepulchral – “Sepulchral Fumes”

Something’s rotten in Spain’s Basque country, and the stench is probably emanating from old school death metal, trio Sepulchral. Formed by main composer Dusk as a duo in 2015, the band has gone through some different iterations as it evolved, with Dusk enlisting Gaueko to play on their debut EP, Graveyard Repugnance in 2019, and finally adding Gorka to the mix for their latest crusty opus for Soulseller, From Beyond the Burial Mound

We have an exclusive track to premiere, “Sepulchral Fumes,” from Sepulchral’s full-length debut, due out on CD, limited black vinyl, limited bone vinyl and digital on February 25, 2022. Before that arrives, though, you can get a foul taste—or maybe smell, as is the case—of the ugliness in the grooves with the band’s latest single, which will be available this Thursday, February 3.

As for what the band has to say about the track. It’s pretty concise:

“This song is about desecrating graves and inhaling the stench of the dead. Let the sepulchral fumes consume your rotten lungs!”

Fans in the U.S. can preorder it here, while while the rest of the world can get hooked up at the Soulseller Bandcamp store here.