Track Premiere: Father Befouled – “Unheavenly Catechesis”

Father Befouled band photo

Death metal blasphemers Father Befouled have kept death metal dirty since 2006. The project from vocalist/guitarist Justin Stubbs has stuffed organized religion into a casket across four LPs and a splatter of splits. Now their fifth full-length album is on the way, and it’s deadly enough to wither every peach tree in the band’s home state of Georgia. Decibel Magazine is psyched to share the new Father Befouled track “Unheavenly Catechesis,” courtesy of Everlasting Spew Records. The album Crowned in Veneficum will crush altars starting March 25th.

“Unheavenly Catechesis” is a storm of rotten riffs and purifying fire. Drummer Amos Rifkin also works with Stubbs in Encoffination, and this is his first full-length effort with the band. ’80s style primordial blasts? They got ’em. Racing Stubbs and guitarist Derrik Goulding from the very first snare strike? Rifkin does that too. There’s even a doomy mid-song excursion that drags us through the mud and slime of an excavated burial pit. Like their forefathers in Incantation, Father Befouled are lethal at any tempo. This single is also the first track of Crowned in Veneficum, so consider it the introductory abyssal plunge the band intended.

Scorn heaven and press play to hear “Unheavenly Catechesis” below.

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