Track Premiere: Speckmann Project – “Fiends of Emptiness”

If you’re a death metal devotee, the name Paul Speckmann probably sets off funeral bells in your skull. As vocalist and bassist of Chicago pioneers Master, Speckmann helped define the sound of war-sparking death thrash. Speckmann also has notable releases from Abomination and a long-standing collaboration with prolific Swedeath musician Rogga Johansson. The seeds of Speckmann Project extend back to early Master recordings, and there was an album released in 1991. Today, Decibel Magazine has the title track single from the upcoming album Fiends of Emptiness. Emanzipation Productions will unleash the album later this year.

After a double-bass rumble, the meaty riffs launching “Fiends of Emptiness” capture the flavor of primordial death metal. But there’s also a propulsive tempo that’s crustier than most deathrash rhythms. Speckmann has discussed his inspiration from bands like GBH and Minor Threat in the past, and there’s a pulse of hardcore punk surging throughout the track. His recognizable voice sneers and spits with frothy-mouthed vehemence. Plus, he snarls the word “master” several times. You should probably mark each utterance of “master” with an enthusiastic headbang and pre-save the track.

“This is a song about a central figure running everything behind the scenes in this God forsaken world,” Paul Speckmann shares about the song’s lyrical edge. “He leads the fiends of emptiness in their quest to destroy the world!”

Fiend out on the new Speckmann Project track and press play below.

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