Video Premiere: Atom Driver – “I’ve Become a Monster”

In a world of unrelenting stupidity, it’s no surprise that nihilism is the new black. I mean, what’s the point, am I right? Well, maybe “the point” in 2022 is simply to watch videos via your preferred social media connection that reinforce whatever your own preferred angle on [fill in the hot-button issue blank here] and call it good.

So let’s start the new year off with this positive message, “I’ve Become a Monster,” from Atom Driver, a noisy post-hardcore NJ quartet featuring Deadguy guitarist Chris “Crispy” Corvino on vocals, alongside guitarist/vocalist Mark Segal, bassist Justin Ingstrup and drummer Mike Polilli. The track is taken from Atom Driver’s currently available six-song EP, Is Anything Alright, and pretty well sums up the state of the union/society/world.

Here’s what Crispy had to say:
“It’s an old story: sometimes being good is tiring, so here is a video of bad behavior. We lead the league in found-footage morality plays. Also [this is] the only song we know of which references a strandbeest.”

Is Anything Alright is out now digitally through Nefarious Industries and is available HERE.