Track Premiere: Chaos Perversion – ‘Petrified Against the Emanation’

Chilean black/death practitioners Chaos Perversion make their name known outside of their home country with the release of Petrified Against the Emanation. The EP was originally released in 2019 under the name Entangled by the Roots of Death, but went largely unheard at the time of release. Now, a re-release via Sentient Ruin under the new title changes that for the band.

Chaos Perversion keep things as dense and dark as possible; the title track to the EP, streaming below, is a swirling amalgam of black and death metal that turns the instruments into a sonic force. The music is executed with a combination of precision and savagery that creates a vile atmosphere; if most death metal lives underground, then Chaos Perversion’s music lives in the darkest recesses of a sewer or in a remote cave.

Listen to “Petrified Against the Emanation” below and grab an LP/tape from Sentient Ruin and CDs from Total Death.