Track Premiere: Nullification “I, the Nullifier”


There are posers. There are purveyors. Philippines-based death metal act Nullification is undoubtedly the latter. Founded by Jayson Gonzales in Bay (Laguna province) as a conduit into and a brutal missive out of the genre’s halcyon days, Nullification is the country’s newest leading (un)light. Featuring members of Desolator and Formless Oedon, the hard-hitting quartet are now one with the dark force that possessed bands like Mercyless, Benediction, Demolition Hammer, Ripping Corpse, Morbid Angel, early Cynic, and Asphyx.

Indeed, this frenetic savage display of unbridled death metal is rare not only from Asia but also rest of world, where it’s been castrated by studio perfection and a soulless aesthetic. There is no cross-pollination of genres on Nullification’s “I, the Nullifier” — the cellar door from new album Kingdoms to Hovel (Personal). The need for spotless perfection is also not to be found here. The Filipinos are here for only one purpose and one purpose alone: to play authentic metal of death.

Say Nullification: “‘I, the Nullifier’ serves as the conclusion to the album. It is without the doubt the most visceral track we’ve written and crafted that perfectly represents the character it’s named after. With breakneck speed, scathing riffs, atomic growls, and pummeling drum blasts, this is Nullification in our purest and most vicious form.”

It’s 1992 again, and the timewarp back is in the capable hands of Nullification. Relive the glory, the brutality, and the aggression of a bygone era today!

** Nullification’s new album, Kingdoms to Hovel, is out January 14th on Personal Records. Pre-order the CD (HERE) or face the terrifying Aswang alone!