Five For Friday: November 19, 2021

Well, readers the year is winding down into the holiday stretch, but the release schedule isn’t letting up at all!

Below you’ll find the latest from big favorites like Converge, Khemmis and Obscura, each of which would merit a feature on its own. In fact, that wouldn’t make a bad tour lineup, wouldn’t it? Hell, throw on the other two bands below and you’d get a really wild mix in the crowd! Crowd? Ah yes, live shows are slowly becoming normalized again. Let’s hope the trend continues into 2022, and that this time next year they’ll be part of all our routine’s again.


Converge and Chelsea Wolfe – Bloodmoon: I

Seeing Converge play all of Jane Doe (and open with a cover of “Wolverine Blues”) at Decibel Metal and Beer Fest was the ultimate cathartic release from the last 18 months. It’s hard to put word to the feelings, moods and thoughts evoked by the band’s music. If I had to pick one word, it would probably be “haunting.” Speaking of haunting, they’re here with a new joint album with Chelsea Wolfe. It’s a fantastic combination that hits the sonic palette with complementary flavors from both entities, while joining them in a stew of anxiety, longing and fury. Want to hear us gush even more about this collaboration? Pick up Decibel #207 to read our cover story!

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Der Weg Einer Freiheit – Noktvrn

This German unit, whose name translates to “The Way of a Freedom,” has been around since 2009, but made a big splash with atmospheric black metal devotees with 2017’s Finisterre. On the band’s latest album, they leave the base of their sound intact, but add progressive and post-rock elements that stretch the boundaries and shift the mood. It’s more akin to contemplating the thunder instead of calling on it.

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Khemmis – Deceiver

Decibel readers will know that we’re big fans of Khemmis, having featured them on multiple end-of-year lists and events. Here’s what our own Sean Fraiser had to say about Deceiver:

Their evolution since Absolution‘s stoner doom genesis is a path of creative freedom, songwriting prowess, and technical growth. They retain the shadowy doom and capital-H Heavy Metal on Deceiver, but continue to push their sound into shadowy new territory. There’s also an emotional sincerity to their music that gives each clean or growled note intangible heaviness.

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Obscura – A Valediction

The latest from one of the titans of technical death metal. I won’t get into all the lineup changes, side-projects, related projects, lineages to Necrophagist, as it’s enough to make my head spin (though I’m always happy to recommend Thulcandra to anyone). They’re one of the best at what they do, and if that’s your thing, you’ll dig this.

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Sacred Oath – Return of the Dragon

Always happy to do my part and honor a Connecticut institution! Sacred Oath released Return of the Dragon independently this past April, and today marks it’s further distribution via Wormholedeath. It’s epic and heroic music for fans of straightforward power metal with a slight progressive edge.

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