For Those About Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Genocide Pact, Teeth and Fortress

Happy Turkey Day, sucker birds who are tasty! It’s your boy Waldo coming at you with some new releases, and remember, “I’m not an elitist, you just have bad taste.”

Welp my boys in Genocide Pact are releasing their second on Relapse titled Genocide Pact. A little early to be self-titling a record, guys? That aside, I’m digging this. Death metal the way it’s meant to be played—dirty, nasty, not super precise and crusty. Definitely walking a clone line of the more “punk” of the OSDM acts. Growls, disgusting harmonies, and various tempo-ed blasts abound here, nothing getting so bogged down that it becomes boring. For those uninitiated, think Obituary, Terrorizer and Bolt Thrower without entirely aping any of them. Lyrically, the songs embrace the ugliness of the last year if not the last 20. “You turn on the news and see mass shootings, a global pandemic, endless war, and corporations and politicians trying to sell you bullshit. You pick up your phone and another friend or family member has died. On top of that, you’re broke as fuck and work endlessly for a boss that doesn’t even know your name. You find yourself paranoid, pissed off, and embracing nihilism,” Well said, my dudes. Nice collage artwork, too. 8 Fucking Pecks.

With an unholy roar comes… Teeth’s Finite on Translation Loss. How does Translation Loss always get the great unknown bands? Anyway, Teeth—who the sharpest of you caught the 2021 Philly edition of Metal & Beer Fest—come at with a bunch of different genres (sorta) to create one cool-ass amalgam, Part noise rock, part metal, part death metal, part black metal and throw in some breakdown and you have Finite. This is no third-rate hardcore band gone metal, but rather a very unique sounding record, full of angst and vitriol. Those vocals have me shitting my cage! Can’t wait for more! 7 Fucking Pecks.

Finally, we have Fortress’ Don’t Spare The Wicked. This is power metal—duh. Uh, what’s with that goofy sounding keyboard? This is OK—if you’re an idiot fuck, which you definitely are. Just kidding! Passable, by-the-numbers power metal. Nothing special. I’m sure people are going to shit on me because they’re “classic” or whatever. 5 Fucking Pecks.

Now, this is cooler:

Waldo out!