Full Album Stream: Teeth’s ‘Finite’

Photo: Brandon Mavaddat

Of all the albums that arrived this year Teeth‘s Finite was the most welcome surprise. Not long after I listened to it I wrote the following: “the fact that it’s nearly impossible to describe Finite speaks to how perfect it is for our extraordinarily challenging times — times where the truth itself is under assault. We can only crawl forth, blind, looking for answers.”

So, the record definitely made an impression on yours truly. Decibel is fortunate to be able to give you an advance listen of Finite (the album comes out from Translation Loss on November 26 and can be preordered here).”Finite stands under the tide of inevitability’s gross inertia,” vocalist/guitarist Justin Moore says. “The past advances and the future diminishes without end. Unflinching with a zealous need to expire all before it. This realization came during a period of harsh inactivity, isolation, and quiet. This haunting stillness echoed what will ultimately come to pass and that reality placed its heel firmly upon our throats.”

“Anxiety and depression have never been strangers to us,” guitarist/vocalist Erol Ulug adds. “If anything the pandemic brought hordes of seemingly well-adjusted people down to our level then turned up the heat on us all. Whatever coping mechanisms we reached out for, both healthy and toxic, got put to the test with a brick on the gas. Finite is the reflection of these many coping mechanisms at play and a synopsis of the whirlwind of emotions along the way. Some of the highest highs and lowest lows we’ve ever felt, all condensed into 21 minutes.”

Get down with multiversal death metal madness below.