Video Premiere: Trench – ‘Imminent Power Looming’

Canadian outfit Trench are serving up their heaviest music yet with their latest song, “Imminent Power Looming.” Building on the band’s previous framework of metalcore, death metal, hardcore and beatdown, “Imminent Power Looming” is two minutes of fight riffs and breakdowns, the perfect answer to any mid-week frustrations.

“‘Imminent Power Looming’ aims to re-create the feeling of internal helplessness,” Trench vocalist Jay Breen tells Decibel. “We want to make changes in our world but struggle to find a way to gain control over ones self, and over the future of this planet. It seems at this point in modern human existence we are finally starting to realize we don’t have as much control over our lives as we once thought. We can feel the weight of the powers that hold us down now more then ever. Something that wasn’t tangible before has now become exposed. Becoming aware of the faces in the wall might be the key to the change we seek. Ignorance fuels the fire lit on stolen stone.

“Musically, this track gives you all levels of Trench’s arsenal,” he continues. “Intense electronics coincide with blast beats and lead into an emotional build, all while being punished by unrelenting unique heaviness and intricate musicianship. Writing ‘Imminent Power Looming’ allowed Trench to meticulously experiment sonically and creatively, further pushing the boundaries of our previous offerings.”

Watch the video below: