Demo:listen: Accursed Womb

Since 2019, the predominantly Philly-based death/doom three-piece Accursed Womb have worked tirelessly to bring their idea of monstrous, ugly and pure evil death metal into the world. Their prolific and sickly deranged onslaught officially began last year with the release of their two-song promo tape. Then on Halloween of the first Pandemic year, the Accursed Womb released their demo proper. Dubbed Crushing the Larvae of Christ, Accursed Womb’s 6-track demo shows a young and dementedly eager band going all-in on a moody and gnarly doomed-out death metal sound.

Now with all copies of their mandatory compilation sold out and Crown of Piss, a new promo tape, looming in the immediate future, we caught up with Accursed Womb to get the scoop on one of the sickest acts currently tearing up the underground. 

“Accursed Womb was originally supposed to be a blackened grind project called AetherWind with just the drummer AC and Guitar Player PH,” the band explains. It all began, the say, when “PH hit [vocalist] AS up with some riffs, the time was right and we just wanted to make death metal sound evil again.”

While “PH and AC [the drummer] actually started talking over Instagram,” the band says,  “AS [the vocalist] and PH use to plays shows together back in 2006 in 2 previous bands.”

 They started Accursed Womb, they say, because they wanted to play “Evil Metal Of Death.” PH, their guitarist, says “Keeping the spirit of the ancient dealers of Death alive in an oversaturated market is not easy so I’m glad some people ‘get it.’ I know we aren’t really playing the knuckle dragging stuff for the kids… sorry… but not really.”

According to the band, “The recording [for their demo Crushing the Larvae of Christ] was all technically done by ourselves. AC recorded drums and since he is in a different state he sends us the drum tracks. PH records guitar, gass, and [AS’] vocals. [The demo] was recorded in secret at the MILMONT MAUSOLEUM in the basement of desolation!”

 For their follow-up, the band says, “We had MSW mix and master Embryonic Catacombs. As a band MSW had a lot of influence on us all musically with his bands Hell/Mizmor.”

They admit, “Recording everything ourselves was a big learning curve. After getting our first demo down, [we were] able to quickly get our promo out after the demo because we learned much more about the recording process.”

Accursed Womb say they want nothing to do with modern trends. “Especially on the new material it’s pretty much a fuck you to trendy 14 year olds that just got into this last year and that’s awesome! I love seeing the scene grow… but sometimes I wish underground music was still DEAD AND ROTTING underground.”

 As for their recently released but nearly sold-out compilation Hymns of Misery and Death, PH says, “I always personally like when a band does a demo compilation and considering with the two non-demo tracks we just figured we’d give the MANIAXE listening to our tunes some extra filth from the charnel pits of the Philadelphian burbs! But Molten Face Records in Denmark first hit me up and through my connections with Foul led to Vermignosis Records doing the Western Version AKA the second tape press (9 left in existence through the label).”

Accursed Womb say they’re slaughtering toward: “A split, a goal to make Death Metal feel evil again, Not dressing like pro wrestlers and using buzzwords to get our tunes across.. if you call us an OSDM band you would be wrong but at the same time we do take influence from the ancestors of the genre. . .” 

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