Blast Worship: Civilian Thrower

Where they from?
Lyon, France. Wikipedia informs me that Lyon was a historically important area for the manufacturing of silk. Upon reading that I realized I had absolutely no idea what the fuck silk is. I then went down a weird-ass rabbit hole that lead me every which way until I had completely lost any idea of what I was doing on the internet. Did you know male seahorses can get pregnant?

Why the hype?
I feel like if someone tried to describe Civilian Thrower to me I would not be too excited: “It’s like Agathocles mixed with aspects of war metal, but the vibe is goofy!” But the combination works really well and has a lasting impression.

It’s kind of interesting how musically there very much is a war metal aspect to the music but it’s definitely counterbalanced with a delicious “I listen to mince and eat my own boogers” type of attitude and melodicism rather than the typical black metal hyper seriousness associated with the war genre. But don’t get me wrong here, the parts straight out of the Revenge/Blasphemy playbook still hit hard, just not as humorlessly. Also, this band likes writing songs about catapults.

Latest Release?
Split with Vile Species via No Time Records. Did you know the earliest recorded use of the catapult was by the Greek army in 399 BC? Two years later it was employed heavily in the Greco-Sicilian Wars, specifically in the siege of Motya, a key stronghold for the Carthaginians. Did you know male seahorses can get pregnant?