Track Premiere: In Loving Memory – “Sun of Ebony”

in Loving Memory band photo

Melancholic and melodic doom/death band In Loving Memory have been silent since 2014. But after many years—and several lineup changes—the Spanish project has emerged with a new album on the haunted horizon. The Withering is their resurgent offering, a damning portrait of humanity’s self-destruction. It’s heavy in terms of riffs and in thematic heft. And the band has a perfect home for the album: funeral doom label Funere. But we don’t need to hold our breath for a sample from the album. Funere shared “Sun of Ebony” with us before the album’s January 14th release date next year. So we’re sharing it with you.

The lyric video for “Sun of Ebony” is a winter walk towards the apocalypse. Synths soar over the crunch of the guitars as dark melodies lure listeners into the blizzard. Like the music video, the song has splashes of color: lachrymose harmonized guitars, the formidable roar of Juanma B and the lachrymose harmonized guitars between him and fellow founding guitarist Jorge A. The pensive rhythms create an unrushed march into the grave.

“”Sun of Ebony” was the 8th song we wrote in the process of creating The Withering album,” In Loving Memory shares. “All the songs of this record have the same theme: the end of human life on the Earth by different causes. With the “Sun of Ebony” we wrote the lyrics based on the slowly extinction of our sun, so the Earth would freeze.

“The writing process of the album was different than in our previous records,” they continue, “because we didn’t rehearse the songs and then record them. We wrote and recorded at same time, with no kind of rehearsals. Sometimes we brought the melodies first and recorded some rhythm parts and vice versa. It was quite a funny process because we were able to change change riffs on-the-fly and put them in another place of the song, so we realized easily how the structure of every song was unique and special, or not.

“For the video lyric we chose an all-audience oniric version of the lyric idea so we have some different characters that represent the sun, the winter, the reaper and the humans.”

Dive into the dying sun and listen to this new In Loving Memory track below.

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