Track Premiere: Wombbath – “The Dead and the Dying”


Wommbath are back to lay waste to all with their sonic, death metal assault, but this time, they’re taking us on a full-on journey with their new record, Agma. Join us and sample a taste from the dark depths with a sneak peak of “The Dead and the Dying.”

Their previous record, Tales of Madness, pushed things a bit in the proggy direction, but that’s nothing compared to the complete onslaught of prog we get with Agma. The band, known mainly for their old-school sensibilities, killer riffs, and classic take on death metal, are not afraid to get experimental on tis album with different vocal styles, violins, and tempo switches that create a bold new sound.

And unlike some bands that venture into the waters of experimentation, only to swim back to shore quickly when it fails, they’re really pulling it off. The new, more experimental elements serve to elevate and expand their already-brutal sound.

The record is technically a double album, ambitious both in length and in sound. Despite being seasoned veterans, not just fresh faces playing an old-school style, Wombbath continue to innovate and expand on their catalogue.

Start with “The Dead And The Dying,” and get stoked for their latest epic. Agma is out December 31 via Transcending Obscurity.

Check out their Bandcamp here. 

Band painting by Benny Moberg
Wombbath logo and album logo by Håkan Stuvemark

Cover art by Juanjo Castellano (The Black Dahlia Murder, Paganizer)