Full EP Stream: Exsul – “Allegoresis”

Exsul, one of the most promising bands to emerge last year, is here to deliver another sermon of darkness and death.

Decibel is pleased to act as a conduit for the sounds and screams presented on Allegoresis. Don’t be fooled by the 23-minute run time of this EP, as there’s a whole world to explore in there. Upon listening, the band’s influences are extremely evident, as their devotion to Onward to Golgotha and Dawn of Possession shoots out at you immediately. However, the band’s execution isn’t quite like anything else out there, as they take turns other bands would never think of, rewarding repeat listens with new things to listen for each time.

More than anything, it’s just grim, brutal stuff.

Allegoresis comes out this Friday via Caligari Records on digital, CD and cassette.

Listen here and find out for yourself. Try not to get lost in there.