Exsul’s Debut EP Unleashes an Inferno of Terror

Tuscon, Arizona’s Exsul have arrived on the scene with a masterful witch’s brew of darkness. Exsul, consisting of Phlegyas (“sticks & spells”) and Charon (“strings & curses”), constructs their sound by pouring a foundation of molten doom, and then building their fortress with death metal crunch and black metal atmosphere. There’s a healthy dose of d-beat emanating from those “sticks” as well. In short, they have good taste, and are destined for brutal fortunes.

Their self-titled debut EP is available digitally now, and will get a CD release via Caligari Records on January 7, 2021.

I also admire their guts in having a song with the name of their band, which can only go one of two ways. It turned out really well. Hear it for yourself: