Top 5 Guitar Pedals By Christian Larson (Necrofier)


By Christian Larson (Necrofier)

For longer than I can remember, I have always been on the hunt for new gear. With so many pedals out there now it feels that this quest will never end. Sometimes it’s about finding the perfect tone, other times just something to inspire new riffs. With Necrofier, I spend a lot of time and research to make sure our guitar sounds right for leads and overall tone. My collection of pedals is over 50, so I had to narrow down this list a lot, but these are the Top 5 Guitar Pedals, especially for Necrofier.

Death Master
5. Death Master – Idiot Box Effects
Unholy distortion that worships at the altar of Tom G Warrior. Instant Celtic Frost. Matt really nailed this tone. OUGH!!!

4. Talisman – Catalinbread
I have tried out and own a ton of reverb pedals. This one really worked the best as a subtle addition to my overall tone. It gives it a little extra space. The tone is thicker and breathes. Perfect for haunting black metal.

Dark Waves Echo
3. Dark Waves – Idiot Box Effects
This pedal brings you the darkness that you love and crave. A chorus pedal with an added bonus of echo. Makes your leads dark and thick. If I remember right I was bugging Matt to send this to me from the min he told me about it. I have quite a few pedals from idiot box and this is hands down my favorite.

2. Dybbuk – MWK Audio
The one and only Sammy Duets signature overdrive. Always felt like there was something missing with a lot of overdrives and then this showed up. I run it over my Marshall and it gives it that extra heaviness I was searching for.

Lonely Ghost
1. Lonely Ghost – MWK Audio
Michael Klein outdid himself on this one. Previously, I used three pedals on leads, but pushing all those pedals when you can barely see and covered in sweat isn’t the easiest thing to do. The Lonely Ghost is delay, reverb, boost all in one pedal. Besides, combining everything I want for a solo it makes your leads soar on the wings of darkness.

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