Track Premiere: Necrofier – ‘Visions in Fire’

Hail to the raging debut from Houston black metal entity Necrofier, a new band consisting of members of Insect Warfare, Oceans of Slumber and more. The scathing black metal takes cues from Dissection, Emperor, Mayhem and similar classic artists, delivering a clean but aggressive sound.

“Throughout all of my years of being in bands and putting out records I’ve never had the time or opportunity to fully play black metal,” says drummer Dobber Beverly. “Being a major influence on me, it only seems right to finally make it happen. We present to you Necrofier; raging melodic black metal in the vain of Dawn and early Necrophobic.”

Listen to “Visions in Fire” and more songs from Necrofier’s 7-inch below. You can purchase it on Bandcamp.

Necrofier live dates:
UADA/Necrofier/Sleeping Ancient
San Antonio, TX
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FREE Show! – Uada, Necrofier, Sleeping Ancient
White Oak Music Hall
Houston, TX
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