Listen: Abstract Void Combine Blackgaze and Synthwave on “Wishdream”

One-person project Abstract Void made some waves on Bandcamp when its debut album, Into the Blue, dropped in 2017. It was quickly followed up by a sequel, Back to Reality. The pair of albums combined blackgaze with synthwave, creating something that sounded refreshingly new and generating chatter online. It took three years for a follow up album, but Abstract Void released Wishdream at the end of September.

The two styles of music are blended more thoroughly than on previous releases, the synths serving as an additional layer rather than an instrument working alongside the blackgaze part of Abstract Void’s sound. There are easy comparisons to Deafheaven or Violet Cold, if those bands played music to dance to.

With its retro cover art, Abstract Void’s music still holds a strong fondness for the past, but Wishdream is the artist’s best music so far with eyes set firmly on the future.