Double-Header Track Premiere: Fast Break! Records’ Z9 and MH Chaos

Fast Break! Records

The definition of double header (which, admittedly, I had to look up—sports are lost on me) is as follows: “a sporting event in which two games or contests are played in succession at the same venue, typically between the same teams or players.”

With that definition in mind, we’re pleased to bring you a double-header of singles from new Fast Break! Records signees Z9 and MH Chaos. With releases to drop simultaneously on October 29, MH Chaos are bringing us “Chaos Returns” from their forthcoming, self-titled album, and Z9! just dropped the title track from the forthcoming EP We Don’t Come In Peace.

And I must say, the releases in tandem live up to the very definition of double header. The two bands, highlighted here in the same venue, bring a blistering, hardcore attack that will leave you feeling like you just sat through two hot, sticky baseball games in a row, pounding hotdogs and beer, cheering like a rabid sports fan. Or something like that.

But don’t take my word for it: check out the two, blistering tracks right here:

Z9 take their name from a secret-society term for undesirables, and their sound combines the raw aggression of oi! and gutter punk with metallic hardcore. “We Don’t Come In Peace” is the title track that sets the tone for the fed-up, pissed-off record. 

Vocalist Ritchie Krutch says: “It’s about someone who has taken a lot of garbage and now the tables have turned Lyrically, I’ve written two or three songs on every Wisdom In Chains album but never personally handled vocals.  When we were sitting in quarantine, I was constantly writing but had these songs with the same kind of rock vibe, not necessarily what I would bring to Wisdom In Chains.  I started writing lyrics, and when I played it for my bandmates Evan (bass) and Luke (drums), they said, ‘Yeah, we’ll play on this.”

MH Chaos claim that “Chaos Returns” represents a return to their East Coast, ’90s hardcore influence, but through their own, special Midwest lens. And it shows—there is a definite ode to classic, New York hardcore in the sound, but it’s a little grungier and more metallic.

Guitarist Anchit says: “We wrote it after being locked away from playing for the past year.  It’s our return anthem.  We’re bringing the chaos back full force.”

For this epic double-header, you may want to plan for some extra innings while these hardcore greats completely pummel you (sorry, mixed the sports metaphors there). Don’t sleep on either of these records.

Preorder the albums here.