Listen: Turnstile Release New Album “Glow On”

Anyone who follows the hardcore scene online has undoubtedly heard about Glow On, the brand-new third album from Baltimore hardcore crew Turnstile. Over the course of their roughly decade-long existence, Turnstile incorporated outside influences—namely ‘90s-style alt rock—into their Rage Against the Machine and Snapcase-influenced hardcore. On Glow On (released via Roadrunner), Turnstile dive fully into their love of alt rock and dream pop, releasing the best album of their career.

Glow On won’t be for every hardcore fan; there’s a Latin breakdown on second track “Blackout” and “Alien Love Call” is built on shimmering chords and reverb-drenched vocals, but Turnstile never get too far into space before pulling themselves back with an energetic, bouncing groove. They’re at their best on songs like “Holiday,” “Wild Wrld” and “Dream-On,” all of which seem readymade for the stage with their singalong choruses and easy, stomping grooves.

The album ends with the one-two-three punch of “Turnstile Love Connection,” “No Surprise” and “No Dezires,” a selection of songs that sums up the new record succinctly. Glow On is far cry from the band that released first EP Pressure to Succeed in 2011 but a win for hardcore.