Full Album Premiere: Dead Soul Alliance – ‘Behind the Scenes’

Dead Soul Alliance

Dead Soul Alliance were formed by Wolven Deadsoul (also of Expunged fame) in 2010. Since their maggot-like crawl out of an Ottawa-based grave, Dead Soul Alliance have scratched from inside the walls with a series of EPs, the most recent of which was the independently-released Slaves to the Apocalypse (cassette on Canadian indie Dawning Septic Productions, of course). Now retrofitted via another slimy tentacle in drummer E.H., Wolven Deadsoul’s iniquitous creation takes on a more beastly form. That is to say, Dead Soul Alliance’s debut album, Behind The Scenes, is faster, more monstrous, and insatiably out for blood.

Truly, Dead Soul Alliance are death metal through and through. This is the kind of death metal travailed and promulgated by the likes of Morpheus Descends, Baphomet, and long-defunct Swedes Utumno. There’s a lot of heft to the main body of songs on Behind The Scenes. These are weighty and conspicuous like a bloated corpse. Indeed, tracks like “Mental Comatose,” “Perpetual Recycled Existence,” and the title track are unfeigned, early-’90s death metal. But, deep inside Dead Soul Alliance’s rotting innards lies a somber spirit, eagerly awaiting to petrify and stupefy. The slow call from their macabre sepulcher can be heard in “Behold Forever Darkness,” “Equilibrium Dead,” and “Ancient Rulers of Greed,” where soul-stirring leads and cold-blooded riffs pierce the cemetery fog.

Says Wolven Deadsoul: “Behind The Scenes reflects on all we like and what we want to do in relation to death metal. It takes the elements of heavy and eeriness along with some brutality and exposes the hidden darkness within. This is by far not a fresh cut slab of meat intended to offer up something completely new or never touched upon before but it is a dedication, a reflection, an interest and admiration of older influences of death metal that we like and simply want to do the Dead Soul Alliance way. We proudly stand by this and feel we have achieved our best release to date.”

From the undercroft of the Church of Death Metal, emerge Dead Soul Alliance…

** Dead Soul Alliance’s new album Behind the Scenes will be available September 3rd through Bitter Loss Records. Pre-orders for LP and CD are available HERE. Slowly you rot… naturally.