EP Premiere: Slimelord – Moss Contamination

When we featured Slimelord last year on Demo:listen, the English death-doombringers already had their follow-up release demoed. So since March of 2020, Slimelord have eagerly awaited the moment to unleash this new five-song EP on their likewise eager, yet completely unprepared audience. Everything that made The Delta Death Sirens—chillingly prescient name, no?—everything that made their demo the gross and wonderful abomination that it was, Slimelord have brought back with a mighty, inhuman vengeance. 

Unique compositions, songs based on killer plants from space and other sick accounts of speculative horror, solos unlike anything you’ve ever heard in your life, and holistically immersive atmospheres to lose yourself in . . . Out next Friday, Slimelord’s new EP Moss Contamination exceeds all expectations set by their demo and makes for one of the most exciting death metal releases of the year.

Moss Contamination

Preorder Moss Contamination today from Sewer Rot (vinyl, CD & cassette) if you’re America, Seed of Doom (cassette) if you’re in Europe, and Dry Cough Records (vinyl & cassette) for the UK.