Track Premiere: Necrosexual – “Screamin’ for the Steamin’ Demon Semen”

Coming soon on cassette from Fólkvangr Records, Seeds of Seduction is the brand-spankin’-new five-song EP from Philadelphia-based deviant Necrosexual. For years, The Necrosexual has made metalheads around the world feel deeply uncomfortable with his live interviews, famous for getting even the grimmest musicians to break character. But since debuting with the full-length album Grim1 in 2018, Necrosexual has pushed his own brand of provocative and outrageous metal on the unsuspecting masses. 

Today it’s our privilege to submit our readers to the latest teaser from the forthcoming Seeds of Seduction, “Screamin’ for the Steamin’ Demon Semen.”

“Screamin’ for the Steamin’ Demon Semen”

“Heavy metal invites a special kind of madness,” The Necrosexual observes. “‘Screamin’ for the Steamin’ Demon Semen’ captures the magic and mania of my creative process, told through my horny humor, and the most carnal imagery.” The Necrosexual explains that “the song’s titular ejaculate describes the act of rock ‘n’ roll on stage. Performance gets me high, and it’s more intoxicating than the fanciest boxed wine. But, to be the most electrifying man in corpse entertainment, is to dance with the sadistic muses of rejection, self-doubt, and indifference from the outside world. Is it holy high art? Or a rambling, deranged obsession?

“Musically, my ‘semen song’ covers a vast territory of styles: speedy grindcore blasts, a rollicking breakdown section, and sinister, dueling guitar improvisations, all aimed to inspire the thrashing of limbs. ‘Screamin’ for the Steamin’ Demon Semen’ also features the GRIM-1 on lead bass, lead guitar, and lead rhythm guitar parts exclusively. It’s one of my finest hours as a shredder. Crank the volume, and dream a little dream…



Get Seeds of Seduction on Friday, September 3 from Fólkvangr Records.