Blast Worship: Slag

Where they from?
San Jose, California. The NFL season is rapidly approaching, how do you think your team is gonna do? Every year I say the Jets will be lucky if they go 8-8 but this year they’ve added a surprise extra game to the schedule, so I’ll modify my prediction to say the Jets will be lucky if they go 8-9. I will be bold and predict that two of those wins will come in the month of September, which will be two more wins than the Mets will have in that same month.

Why the hype?
Man, it’s been a while since I heard a band that went this hard. Looking back, it seems like 2014-2017 was the Golden Age for ratty powerviolence-infused grindcore bands like Mellow Harsher and Throat Slitter who made their names with absolutely batshit crazy EPs that packed a greater punch in five minutes than most bands do in their entire discography.

That wave of ADHD PV/grind sort of took a backseat these past couple of years to the whole hyper-goreblast thing, which though similar in intensity, lacked some of the chaotic twisting and turning characteristic of some of those earlier bands.

Enter Slag, who carry the banner of chaos-infused grindviolence proudly into the year of our Lord 2021. The band itself returning from a four year hiatus to deliver…

Latest Release?
Split with MERKED. This has all the classic attributes of grinding chaos: vicious stop-start turns, angular powerviolence breakdowns delivered at a skewering placement throughout the songs and some of the most aggressive vocals I have heard in a long ass time. If you are a fan of the more chaotic and spontaneous side of grindcore, you should really do yourself a favor and check this shit out. It’s basically the musical equivalent of that scene in Full Metal Jacket where they all beat Private Pile in his bead with bars of soap. Collective punishment, indeed.