Track Premiere: Come Mierda – ‘Warzone’

New Jersey has spawned all manner of filth and grime, so it’s fitting that the Garden State is home to crust upstarts Come Mierda (or “eat shit” in English). Their new offering, “Warzone,” is a straightforward crust punk song, push forward by choppy riffs and propulsive, grindy drumming; vocalist Cannibal Bett is the explosive icing on the cake, screaming half-English/half-Spanish lyrics over the noise.

The lyrics to “Warzone” are simple, catchy and nihilistic. Everything about the new song feels like a hand-dubbed, beer-stained crust punk demo you would buy for $3 in a punk house basement.

There’s more coming from Come Mierda in the next few weeks, but for now, listen to “Warzone” below and find “Perros,” the band’s previously released track, on Bandcamp.