Video Premiere: Union Black – “Walking In My Shoes”

Earlier this week, Gruesome drummer Gus Rios drummer opened up on this very site about his battles with depression, nearly ending his own life and the difficult decision to accept help. He’s also been making himself vulnerable by stepping out from behind the kit and fronting a tribute/covers band called Union Black. Today Decibel is happy premiere their video for a cover of Depeche Mode classic “Walking in My Shoes,” which considering the context of his Rios’s recent editorial, adds some additional weight.

“This song speaks volumes to me,” Rios tells Decibel. “It shows humility and vulnerability but also displays courage, conviction and pride. I’m finally at a point where my trauma and subsequent issues, while a source of my struggles, they also made who I became and I am stronger for having endured. It took everything I had to let the world know what’s inside of me, with all of my imperfections, but at the same I would kindly ask those who don’t understand to refrain from judgement. You don’t know what someone is going through or where they’ve been… try walking in their shoes.

“While I’m very happy with how the ‘metal’ version of this song came out, it’s the words and message that I wanted to stand out. So I came up with this twisted idea for a lyric video. In my mind I am both the antagonist and protagonist in this story. I want to thank director Ileana Frey for beautifully capturing my ideas and bringing the video to life. I’m not sure why I did this…probably a mix of forced catharsis and my wanting to reach a certain place for effect… spoiler alert, I am NOT an actor… I decided to use the gun in the video. It definitely brought about both desired outcomes. Please enjoy and be kind to others.”