Track Premiere: Ruin – “Slow Degradation”

Since their (re)formation in 2015, the Californian death metal cult known as Ruin have doggedly produced a staggering amount of crushing and utterly depraved material. What other band requires an annual compilation just to keep their listeners up to date with everything they’ve released since their last compilation? When it comes to prolific, indiscriminate and senseless brutality across all relevant formats, few bands can match Ruin’s strength, vision or work ethic. 

Today it’s our pleasure to assist in ushering in the advent of the third full-length from Phelan, California’s death metal murder junkies. The title of the forthcoming album, Spread Plague Death, references the band’s Spread Plague Hell demo from 2015. Despite their relentless output, Ruin remain obstinately dedicated to their strain of death metal ultraviolence. In their latest single, “Slow Degradation,” Ruin take their barbaric approach to a new level. 

“We are eager to share our depravity with this putrid song ‘Slow Degradation.’ It’s a sickening hymn about our usual topics: Murder, Madness and DEATH! This is the heaviest song on the album. SPREAD PLAGUE DEATH!!!!!”

“Slow Degradation”

Out August 27th on 12” vinyl, CD and cassette from Nameless Grave, Goat Throne and Nero One respectively, Spread Plague Hell promises to be one of the heaviest albums of the year. Don’t miss it!