Yuckmouf and Brook Pridemore Release Split EP “Trve Grind”

Two of the most ruthlessly eccentric names in experimental music on the east coast, anti-folk icon Brook Pridemore and experimental doom/grind quintet Yuckmouf, have teamed up to drop a rather earth-shattering EP, Trve Grind. If you are wondering what the hell a psychedelic doom metal band is doing releasing a split album with a folk singer from Brooklyn, the answer is: yes.

Brook holds their own in the metal department with clever nods to grindcore and black metal throughout their five songs, as well as utilizing enough abrasive effects on their acoustic guitar to justify an appearance on this website. “David” is a brilliant inside joke turned tribute to Pig Destroyer and “I Was On My Way to Kill Euronymous With My Big Fucking Dick When I Found Out Varg Already Did It” is both a reference to one of the most popular black metal memes of last year and oddly enough sounds like it wouldn’t necessarily be out of place as an instrumental interlude on an Ulver album.

Yuckmouf bring an equal amount of ingenuity and outside-the-box thinking to their three songs on the album. The band temper their Inter-Arma-by-way-of-punk approach with various oddities such as theremins, foreign language samples and ever present haunting violin melodies that add an air of elegance to the proceedings. This band reminds me of all those super-Avant garde metal bands signed to The End Records circa 2006. An artist definitely worth keeping your third eye on.