Video Premiere: Bloodphemy – “Bloodborne”

The Dutch death-dealers in Bloodphemy have a new red feast for you to gorge on with their new video for “Bloodborne.” The song is a pummeling serving of death metal power, and comes off the band’s upcoming album Blood Sacrifice (damn, they really like to stick to a theme), due out on September 3. If you’re into bands like Incantation and Dead Congregation, but want something that takes the doomy edges out and replaces them with thrashy energy, then your blood should boil with joy at this band.

The band tells Decibel the song is about:

“How a lost sense of reality leads to fear, paranoia and a potential massacre. The music was written by original guitarist Wrinfred Koster and rearranged by the new guitar player Bart van Wallenberg. The lyrics were written by vocalist Olivier van der Kruijf and are a part of the lyrical theme on Blood Sacrifice.

You can find pre-order information for Blood Sacrifice here. As one would hope, one of the vinyl colors is red!