Full EP Stream: Stench Collector – “Effluvatorium Du Jour”

Stench Collector are a new name on the scene, making their first appearance with new EP Effluvatorium Du Jour.  Like one might expect from a band called Stench Collector, the Providence band’s EP is four songs (plus intro) of moldering, blood-and-guts death metal steeped in the sound of the past.

Effluvatorium Du Jour is a bulldozer of an EP. From the lurching riffs on “Bile Container” to the lively grooves of “Eye Sockets Maggots” to the dragged-out notes at the end of “Carrion Cellar,” Stench Collector have studied their influences—Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Autopsy, et al—and breathed new life into them. Add to that mix guitarist/bassist Mark Pechak’s disgusting vocal performance and you’ve got a death metal band worthy of the name Stench Collector.

“We want to be your waiters for tonight’s putrid dinner service at the Effluviatorium,” Stench Collector explain. “Think of the culminating scene in Parents (1989) when Randy Quaid attempts to entice his son’s cannibalistic appetite with an enormous, sobbing cut of miasmatic cadaver beef from his local suburban mortuary. Toss that into a 1990s (K-Mart bought) blender and mince it up with the bedroom soundscapes of cul-de-sac raised ranches where shredded-up light-wash-denim-wearing, unshowered, stinky long haired teens and early 20-somethings banged their heads to all the latest Scott Burns-era Morrisound classics as they were being released… that’s the kind of ambiance we’re slicing for on our EP, Effluviatorium Du Jour. Our themes are gore soaked and explore the Lovecratian psychological descent into madness inspired by deeply American emotional terrors that seep from the pores of our most secret childhood fears intersected with visceral socio-political commentary on the decay of our failing capitalist economy. We’re set on plating up a meal worthy of reanimating the rotted kings and queens of any death metal necropolis.”

Effluvatorium Du Jour is out this Friday, June 25, via Redefining Darkness.