Track Premiere: Krigsgrav – “The Sun No Longer Reaches Here”

Imagine a thunderstorm, wildfire and tornado occurring all at once, and you’ll get good idea behind Krigsgrav‘s new song “The Sun No Longer Reaches Here.” The song contains the soaring power of atmospheric black metal, but blends it with moments of palm-muted crunch and heroic soloing reminiscent of bands like Amon Amarth and newer Dark Tranquility. The band hails (literally and figuratively!) from Keller, Texas, and is poised to unleash their sixth full-length album, The Sundering.

According to guitarist Jay Coleman:

“When writing this album we knew we needed an album opener. We wanted something that was in your face and direct, but still had memorable guitar riffs and a dark atmosphere. Lyrically, the song is based around knowing there is no hope in the face of death and no escape from the inevitable end. It’s bleak, but that’s what this music is all about. The ending section of the song where the title repeats was inspired by the Nile song “Black Seeds of Vengeance.”

After a couple worthwhile listens, you’ll hear what he means by that. Enjoy the song below!

Krigsgrav will release The Sundering on August 6 via Wise Blood Records, you can find pre-order information at their Bandcamp page.