Video Premiere: Lilim – ‘Top Locks’

Lilim are a tough band to classify. Their sophomore album, Weighted Ghosts, has recognizable influences from across the spectrum—noise rock, punk, metallic hardcore, doom, black metal, powerviolence and post-hardcore among them. The Toronto quartet released the album last summer but share a new visual for sixth track “Top Locks” today via Decibel.

“Top Locks” is one of the album’s shorter songs, propelled by punk drumming and singer Kirsten White’s distinct vocal delivery. The accompanying video, while simple, gets the band’s message across alongside their lyrics.

“There are great weights that we all carry in our lives,” Lilim write to Decibel. “Some people carry more weight than others. Some are forced to carry the weights of systemic oppression based on their skin color, gender identity, sexual preference, intergenerational ghosts and trauma. Lilim wants to address and disrupt these weighted systems however they can. DEATH TO WHITE SUPREMACY. DEATH TO THE PATRIARCHY! DEATH TO CAPITALISM. This is the core message of our album, Weighted Ghosts.

Weighted Ghosts is available now via Hibernation Release in the US and Ancient Temple for the rest of the world.