Full EP Stream: Waerloga “Liar / Enemy” 7-Inch


Waerloga (or Wærloga ligature cultists) harken back to a time when churches burned, accusations were levied heavily, and the true denizens of Scandinavia’s–largely Norwegian–black metal scene projected death, destruction, and violence as a reaction to death metal’s increasing popularity, their widely-appreciated socialized societies, and whatever else felt ripe for their then-teenage enmity. Waerloga are the crossroads of a time not forgotten (for obvious reasons) but a time nonetheless when revolutionary–mostly from an underground industry standpoint–music was being made, exported, and mimed from the tips of Europe through the oceans of the Pacific. Black metal was becoming legion, a way of life looking at death through a serious if myopic lens.

The Waerloga mandate is, however, to remain anonymous. No band member names (noms de guerre, OK). No band biography. And no press–maybe not even to the illustrious Bardo Methodology. The band were formed in 2016. That’s pretty much all we know at this point, apart from or in addition to being “allowed” to premiere not one track but two from the group’s upcoming 7″, Liar / Enemy, on King of Monsters (US) and Dawnbreed Records (Europe/Rest of World).

To wit, our communication with Waerloga has been brief if not slightly contentious, but that is how it was done (how many remember Darkthrone interviews in 1994?), so that is how it shall be done today. They say:

“Wærloga is for the glory of the Fallen Son.
Wærloga was founded in 2016 with the express interest of creating black metal in the old way.
Wærloga is anonymous.

With out further references to Gehenna, Emperor, or Carpathian Full Moon, Decibel, King of Monsters and Dawnbreed Records hereby present black metal’s ugliest and witchiest newborn, Waerloga. A mystical play of shadows, indeed!

** Waerloga’s new 7-inch EP Liar / Enemy is out June 18th on King of Monsters (US) and Dawnbreed Records (Europe/Rest of World). Links to King of Monsters (HERE) and Dawnbreed (HERE). A witch is born…