Video Premiere: Wanderer- ‘Mind Leash’

If you only spend one minute of your day listening to new music today, let it be “Mind Leash,” a new, 53-second banger from Wanderer. Hailing from Minneapolis and taking their cues from bands like Converge, Trap Them and The Chariot, Wanderer’s “Mind Leash” captures the insanity of the aforementioned bands and spikes it with a dose of grinding madness.

By the time the vocals hit more than halfway through the song, Wanderer have already unleashed a barrage of squealing, technical riffs and drumming.

The sonic side of “Mind Leash” is enhanced by the visual side; Cory Peaks—bass guitarist for underrated Midwest grind band Closet Witch—animated a video that shows figures being drawn and modified repeatedly over the course of the minute-long track.

“This is the shortest track on the record, and definitely one of our favorites to play,” bassist Jack Carlson tells Decibel. “As for the video, we’ve known Cory from Closet Witch for years and have always liked his work. His style of animation combined with a short burst of blast beats and fast riffs made the most sense to us, so we asked him to put this video together and it came out great.”

“Mind Leash” is on Wanderer’s upcoming Liberation From a Brutalist Existence album, which will be released on June 18; pre-orders are available via Bandcamp.