Track Premiere: 71TonMan – ‘War is Peace’

Speaker-shaking sludge is what’s on the menu today with Polish sludge purveyors 71TonMan and their new EP, War is Peace // Peace is Slavery. To spread the message that “War is Peace,” the Poles employ waves of feedback-tinged, nihilistic sludge and doom that leaves little empty space in its desolate atmosphere.

71TonMan specialize in the same scathing sludge as acts like Primitive Man, Dopethrone and Fister; melody is eschewed in favor of single-minded heaviness and noise is caked into the songs.

“The idea for the War is Peace // Peace is Slavery EP was loosely based on George Orwell’s 1984, which is gradually becoming more and more non-fictional nowadays,” 71TonMan tell Decibel. “We are on a downward spiral collision course with hell right now and these tracks are our soundtrack to what we see. Make no excuses, it is what it is and it’s all well-deserved.”

War is Peace // Peace is Slavery is set for release on July 9 via Transcending Obscurity. Pre-orders are available in Europe and the United States.