Track Premiere: Honey — “Dancing With Death”

Last summer we hyped a track from rising Philly thrashers Honey — “Uh, did everyone else also sleep on Jay Laughlin of Turning Point going full-on, glorious speed metal?!” — and now the band builds on that auspicious arrival with an absolutely killer full-length Forever Fire, out May 28 courtesy Hellmind Records. (Preorder here.)

If you love Teutonic thrash, early Sepultura, or the darker, meatier outside-the-Big-4 offerings of the late 80s/early 90s this has album of the year written all the fuck over it for you.

Below, we’ve got an exclusive stream of the track “Dancing with Death,” but before you smash that play button check out what Laughlin has to say about the jam…

“After the fucked up year we all experienced in 2020, getting to make this record was the first real bright spot for me in a long while. I wrote ‘Dancing with Death’ after most of the other songs had already been written. Most of our other tracks we had at that point were super fast and kinda short. After talking with Greg (bass) one night he suggested going for a more mid-tempo type approach and this is what I came up with. It starts kinda mid tempo, but by the second half I couldn’t stop myself from getting back into the fast stuff. By the time the opening riff comes back in at the end of the song it’s right back to going full speed. I love the contrast from the beginning to the end of this tune.”