Full Album Premiere: Phantom Fire – “Return of the Goat”

Phantom Fire
By Andreas Lindborg

Norway’s Phantom Fire are primed to crash the insipid (blackened) thrash party on new EP, Return of the Goat. Featuring Eld (aka Frode Kilvik) and K_G (aka Kjartan Grønhaug) of such luminaries as Gaahls Wyrd, Aeternus, and Kraków, the Bergen-based duo crank out diesel-powered metal infused with bone-oil drippings of black, heavy, and thrash metals. Indeed, while most bands go straight to 1983 in their pursuit of nostalgia, Phantom Fire hold their genuflection with contemporary restraint. To wit, the two songs on Return of the Goat–“Return to the Goat” and “Mara”–fight rough-n-ready (as well as hail Satan!) but don’t vibe like they’re trying to capture a sound that was never theirs to begin with. They hit the center of Venom, Bathory, and early Metallica just right.

Return to the Goat is, however, just a preview of the rockin’ riffs, soot-coated vocals, and high-throttle grooves that Phantom Fire have in store for metaldom. The two songs telescope into what the Norwegians have in store later this year on their debut full-length, The Bust of Beelzebub. “Return of the Goat” itself pivots on a simple but memorable theme–think Satyricon’s “Black Crow on a Tombstone” or Khold’s “Skjebnevette” in a full-on dive bar fight — whereas “Mara” is more vitriolic (and slyly introspective) in its attack. These two tracks signal what could be a modern-day Norwegian metal classic, the kind that has the attitude, the vibe, the guts to stand out, and the right set of low-hanging balls to ride proud into the black of night.

Say Eld and K_G to Decibel: “Phantom Fire is the result of the music we grew up with. Our passion for heavy metal and thrash. Return of the Goat is our first creation and a salute to the dark Lord! Feel our Fire, grab a beer and turn it up to 11!”

Are you ready for the return of the goat? We thought so.

** Phantom Fire’s new EP, Return of the Goat, is out April 23rd on Edged Circle Productions. Order the 7″ or limited edition cassette HERE. Or, die trying…