For Those About to Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Gojira, Evile and Insane

What’s up, guys? It’s your old boy Waldo here to spout off about some upcoming releases here. You know, “I’m not elitist, you just have terrible taste.” Stay tuned, see what the fellas get into—you might just learn something…

Never been a huge fan of Gojira, but never really hated them. (Is this where I make my Godzilla vs Kong joke?) but they’re back at it with Fortitude. One thing (not being a fan) I’ve always admitted about Gojira is their ability to constantly evolve, yet maintain a sound that is uniquely them. So… yeah, I know, what about this? There’s a lot to take in here, but it’s not so much that the average listener can’t wrap their head around it. Clean vocals, some excellent bass breaks, some more “nu metal” tendencies, and just some general ear-fuckery is going on. It seems that this band is headed into more progressive metal territory, and this proves it. Production wise, this is probably their best; crisp, clear and balanced is the name of the game. There seems a deliberate focus on songwriting and it shows. I gotta say, this won’t make my albums of the year list, but a solid, and different release than I expected. 7 Fucking Pecks.

HOLY CRACKERS! A Napalm release I don’t 100% hate?!?! Will wonders never cease? British thrashers Evile are releasing their first since 2013 in Hell Unleashed. Solidified by a new-ish lineup, this is one of the more solid records this band has released. According to the band themselves, regarding replacing their singer… “Evile needs to sound more evil and vile.” Indeed, this is true. Out the gate, this is standard thrash, but it’s pretty ripping, typically changing of members and so much time between records tends to change the personality of a band, but this is the exception. Thrashing rippers abound here and there really seems to be no slowing down of one of the forefathers of the new wave of thrash. If there was one exception, the production (note: NOT the performance) seems a little too clean, but all in all this is refreshing to see a thrash band not stagnate in slower type vibes. I’m into this, and pleasantly surprised. 8 Fucking Pecks.


If you call your band Insane, you’d better be prepared to back that bird shit up, and well, Sweden’s Insane does just that. Don’t get me wrong, in the era of overproduced, do it at home, tech metalosity, this is NOT insane. But in the world of crossover thrashy punk stuff that I loved as a hatchling, this indeed IS insane. I had to double check because this band sounds like they stepped out of 1985, but have only been around since ’09. Victims—on the Dying Victims label—is a speed metal, punk, thrash amalgam that sounds like it stepped out of… well… 1985. The band themselves simply calls themselves “thrash” and there’s more, like I said, punk, some hardcore and speed metal abound here. All of this is wrapped in a tight little neat package that neither comes across as pretentious, or struggling to find that sound. It’s clear these guys have one foot firmly planted in Weremacht and DRI and the like, never really seeming to be just an “ode” to the old school. For the second time this week, I’m pleasantly surprised! Excellent job… Note to metal scene: MORE OF THIS, PLEASE. 7 Fucking Pecks.

Until next time… Waldo out!