Video Premiere: Terminalist – ‘Terminal Dispatch’

We like fast music around these parts and Terminalist certainly fit that description. The Danish thrashers look to the genre classics and update them, incorporating blast beats, death growls, modern production and concepts based around the theory of speed, coming full circle on new album The Great Acceleration.

Those who like to delve into concepts will find plenty on The Great Acceleration, including explorations of the duality of technology and the disasters that followed its invention. Those who just want speed and tight musicianship can also have that, as evidenced in the new video for “Terminal Dispatch.”

The pro-shot performance video is combined with footage of explosions and airplanes dropping bombs, further underscoring the band’s musings about the cost-benefit ratio of technological advancements.

“Telling a story of aerial and technological advancement throughout the 20th century, ‘Terminal Dispatch’ chronicles a planet ravaged by war and escalating crises,” Terminalist tell Decibel. “Now, the advanced technology of modern warfare will be used to launch mankind into outer space, leaving the dying planet behind to find refuge in the skies.”

Sound familiar? Explore more on The Great Acceleration, out May 7 via Indisciplinarian.