Demo Premiere: Morbid Sphere – Demo II

Including members of Anicon, Ruin Lust, Yellow Eyes and the eternal House of First Light collective, Morbid Sphere brings together four of New York’s most dedicated underground extreme metal musicians. With E. Priesner on drums, J. Wilson on bass, S. Bennet on guitars and A. DeMaria on guitars and vocals, one can see that—even on paper—Morbid Sphere is sizing up to be an intriguing and colossal project.

photo by Charles Nickles, courtesy of CVLT Nation

After their captivating live debut in 2019, Morbid Sphere weren’t heard from again until the release of their first demo at the start of this year. Now, less than four months later, Morbid Sphere returns with two more songs of their own unique force of towering, torrential and despotic death metal. 

Morbid Sphere’s first demo cover

Drawing influence from “the sonic absurdity” of bands like Incantation, Infester and even modern contemporaries like Spectral Voice, Morbid Sphere play long-form, shapeshifting black death. Demo II, released this morning digitally and in the form of 100 tapes, was recorded by Nolan Voss last October and mastered by Dan Lowndes as Resonance Sound. Less raw than its predecessor, but twice-as-heavy and startling in its profundity, Morbid Sphere are not a force to be reckoned with. Better to fall on your knees and submit. Pendulous, maddening and completely unlike anything you’ve heard before in the realm of black and/or death metal, this is Demo II from Morbid Sphere.