Full Album Stream: Dead Neanderthals – “Rat Licker”

Brace for impact, because it’s about to get weird. Dutch free jazz wingnuts Dead Neanderthals have just unleashed their latest transmission, Rat Licker, and it makes a strong case for the year’s most insane record.

The drum-and-saxophone duo blast through 12 songs in nine minutes, revealing more grindcore similarities than just song length and a love for completely unmarketable music. Drummer Rene is a speed demon and saxophonist Otto turns his instrument into a sonic weapon, alternating between “leads” and noise.

Rat Licker was influenced by the chaotic state of world affairs and it shows in the music; the seven-inch is like an auditory reflection of the last year’s insanity, leaving nothing left in the tank after the closing one-two punch of “Bite Marks” and “Flamethrower.”

Rat Licker turned out to be the perfect way to let off steam after the atrocity that was 2020,” Dead Neanderthals confirm to Decibel. “Now let this steam melt your face into a little puddle of goo.”

Dead Neanderthals’ latest is streaming now via Decibel and available for purchase via Everyday Hate.