Album Stream: Impure – ‘The Carrion Feast’

Impure Photo Credit: Soile Siirtola at
Credit: Soile Siirtola at

Formed in 2017, Saint Louis plaguebringers Impure have explored the inexorable darkness with their black/death creations. After releasing the Satan’s Eclipse debut LP in 2019, Impure smudged sacrificial blood on 2020 with their Damned… EP. Now Impure are here to summon cataclysmic winds with a new 7″ release. Decibel Magazine escaped hell’s fiery grasp to bring you this stream of the full release.

Limited to only 300 copies, the 7″ release of “The Carrion Feast” is an exclusive expression of Satanic fury. Vocalist/drummer Horned Father Of Desecreation blasts and belches blasphemy. Meanwhile, guitarist/bassist Satyrannical Lord of Assault punctuates the demonic distortion with solos and greasy groove. Consider the raging solo in “Into Cataclysm” a sonic blood offering from Gabriel Forslund of Swedish thrash metal band Antichrist. While the two tracks composing the Impure 7″ are battle-hardened black/death metal, there’s an undercurrent of depraved rock & roll. The 7″ release balances those elements carefully with a meaty mix that packs a punch. Primarily recorded by Brian Scheffer at Firebrand Recording, their was additional recording courtesy of Sasha Stroud in Brooklyn.

Impure share the following in a statement: “12 months since being Damned, we return with the shining horn of Satan to bring you two feral tracks of Ultra Brutal Black Metal: “The Carrion Feast” and “Into Cataclysm.” While the pandemic reaps its tolls, we in IMPURE have been working alongside it. A new chapter of IMPURE has begun and this single is but a small taste of the pandemonium to come.”

Start your sapphic initiation and press play on Impure’s “The Carrion Feast” below. The 7″ release officially released today (April 2nd) for all my fellow black metal and death metal deviants.

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