Track Premiere: Gosudar – “Awakening of the Realm”

All it took was two tracks from the cavernous and diseased maw of Gosudar to get the global death metal underground in a world-wide frenzy. Since the release of Gosudar’s two-song demo, Demo ‘18, the debut album from these morbid-minded Muscovites could not come out soon enough. And if this is your first time hearing about Gosudar—well, get ready for a monstrous sound there’s actually no preparing yourself for. 

According to Sergey Milenin, guitarist and vocalist for the Russian trio, who speaks on behalf of his bandmates Renat Kurmakaev on drums and Vadim Ivanov, lead vocalist and guitarist, “Gosudar is about the transformation of personality under the influence of anti-cosmic forces of the unlimited power. It’s about the destruction of a person, who appeared as a conductor of these will, the sacrificial gift of the priests to the tyranny.” They go on to say how their debut album, Morbid Despotic Ritual, out May 28 on stateside label Rotted Life, “leads you through an eschatological abyss of the absolute power, where the new Middle Ages begin in the prophecy of the Third Rome.” 

In cooperation with Rotted Life Records, we pried open the door to Gosudar’s cold, torture chamber to procure the second of the six absolute skull-obliterators that compose their forthcoming full-length bloodbath. Out at the end of this month on all relevant formats, Morbid Despotic Ritual stands on its own with intimidating strength and blunt charm. All violence and meat-hook catchiness on the outside, but completely dead on the inside, Gosudar are deeper and realer than hype. They’re death metal true.

“Awakening of the Realm”

Get Morbid Despotic Ritual from Rotted Life Records on May 28th