Full Album Premiere: Karkait – ‘Yevul’

Well, what do we have here? Why it’s a fresh new EP from Jerusalem’s Karkait! The group brings forth its potent mix of black metal anguish and angular grindcore on Yevul, which will be released later this spring on Wolves and Vibrancy Records. Yevul is definitely an evolution of the band’s unique approach in an already excellent discography and plays like a 2021 update of the legendary Aussie grindcore unit Agents of Abhorrence. It marries the raw kinetic energy of grindcore with the angular dissonance of mathcore heroes Botch and Coalesce. Also, they managed to find a way to sprinkle in some spooky black metal tremolo picking in there!

If you are about staying on top of anything new and exciting going on in extreme metal, then this is one band you should certainly have on your radar.

Pre-order Yevul here.