Track Premiere: The Absence – “Choirs of Sickness”

Hey, melodic-death-metal fans, get a load of this.

The Absence have arrived with a new track, “Choirs of Sickness” off their upcoming album Coffinized (out June 25 on M-Theory Audio). It’s melodic death metal the way it’s meant to be: full of heroic guitars, gritty and glorious in equal measure. The band play a style with roots in old Dark Tranquillity, Terminal Spirit Disease-era At the Gates, and perhaps a touch of Necrophobic to give that extra dose of darkness.

Here’s what guitarist Taylor Nordberg had to say about the song:

“Today’s the day! We all wait for this from the moment the riff is written, and it’s exhilarating to get this juicy jam out to you! We all busted our butts off on this record, and “Choirs Of Sickness” encompasses so much of this album’s dark tones, and bold new melodic boundaries. Dig it!”

Vocalist Jamie Stewart describes the album this way, reflecting on the last year and the pandemic that came with it:

“Every single song bears a torch of deprivation, darkness and triumph. In the end, we do actually win. One second, you feel creative and accomplished, validated and whole. The next, you seem empty and worthless, and feel the claustrophobia of being forced into an unwilling casket. Coffinized collects in detail the hysterical scratches and screams found on the inside of this casket’s lid – the kind of gashes made by four beings who are very much alive and giving their all to be heard from a forced burial.”

Check out the song below, and pre-order the album from M-Theory Audio prior to its June 25 release date.