Track Premiere: Empty Throne – ‘And All Shall Know His Name’

Blackened death outfit Empty Throne are a new band, but their experience is far from in question. Containing current and former members of Possessed, Abbath, Angerot, The Kennedy Veil and Decrepit Birth, Empty Throne are a thrashy blackened death powerhouse who hit the gas pedal and don’t let up until it’s over on their debut EP, Glossolalia.

The three-song EP is loaded with riffs that guitarist Michael Pardi (ex-Possessed) has been hoarding since the ’90s, when he performed with groups like Xasthur and Ritual. He shows plenty of them off on “And All Shall Know His Name,” a taste of the EP streaming below via Decibel. Angerot vocalist C.R. Petit and bassist Jason Ellsworth join the fun, as well as drummer Gabe Seeber (The Kennedy Veil, ex-Abbath), unleashing sharp, precise death metal with a finesse that only experience and dedication can provide.

Despite basing its songs off of riffs written nearly three decades ago, Glossolalia sounds modern and fresh. “And All Shall Know His Name” is a powerful opening salvo from Empty Throne. Pre-order Glossolalia via Wise Blood Records before its May 7 release and listen to “And All Shall Know His Name” below.