Five Essential Women In The Greek Metal Scene By Efthimis Karadimas (Nightfall)


By Efthimis Karadimas (Nightfall)

I decided to come up with five female personas currently active in the Greek metal scene. Five women we share the same passion for music with and who, I think, play important roles in promoting it. They are also really cool individuals — the ones I am proud of sharing the same territory sort of thing. Through this text I wanna pay a tribute to each woman out there, as a small contribution to the Women’s History Month 2021. Note: this isn’t a ranked order per se. They all play important roles in the Greek metal scene.

Xrysa Oikonomopoulou
Number 5: Xrysa Oikonomopoulou
She is the infernal priestess of live events and one of the two curators in Gagarin 205 live music space in Athens. Any metal band from the states that’s had the chance to play in Athens most probably have met her and thanked her for the fabulous hosting and great promotion. She is behind one of the coolest places to have your aftershow drinks too, Barrett Bar. Next time you drop in there, say hello to the coolest girl at the bar. Yes, Xrysa’s the one.

Hel Pyre
Number 4: Hel Pyre
Our favorite TV hostess here. She is the female face of the infamous TV War weekly broadcast, and brings the best metal to our screens. She plays the bass, and she’s into many interesting projects in the local metal scene. Oh, and she is a close friend to the almighty King Diamond and Livia. How cool is that?

Vasiliki Biza
Number 3: Vasiliki Biza
The punk girl of our hearts. Very talented bass player, with a great tone and mesmerizing attitude. We’ve been lucky she found us and became the new member of the band. We can’t wait to hit the road. She was born in New York City, and divides her time between Athens and the island of Paros. Yes, the famous Greek island people from all over the world visit each year.

Irena Chelidonaki
Number 2: Irena Chelidonaki
Irena is a great photographer and an iconic figure. She is also a bartender in a very famous venue downtown Athens called An Club. This place is like the crèche (aka crib); the manger of the metal scene here, where new stars are born. Irena is the cool lady behind the bar that serves you beer and makes you feel like you are in the coolest place on earth. Which you probably are at that very moment. Next time you visit An, say hello to Irena.

Demetra Madzouka
Number 1: Demetra Madzouka
If the Greek scene was a Native American tribe, Demetra would be its totem. She’s been active for decades, mainly in promoting artists and arranging big shows and festivals. Stuff that have reared two generations of metalheads. Many great stories involve her magic, and we all have been receivers of her wrath from time to time. Her devilish picture decorates the cover to our Lyssa – Rural Gods and Astonishing Punishments (2004) release.

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