Track Premiere: The Drowned God – ‘Gnashing of Teeth’

Philadelphia quintet  The Drowned God continue to evolve on their recently-announced third album, Pale Home. Using their blackgaze sound as a base for new single “Gnashing of Teeth,” The Drowned God also channel acts like Converge—an influence much more apparent on previous releases like 2017’s Moonbearer—and even flirt with industrial influences.

The song begins with noisy electronics, rumbling bass and a methodical drum beat alongside distorted vocals, invoking a sad, cold atmosphere. As “Gnashing of Teeth” progresses, The Drowned God lean further into the blackgaze side of their sound, ending on a note that combines their hardcore roots and blackgaze present.

“‘Gnashing of Teeth’ was recorded during the lockdown in 2020,” The Drowned God tell Decibel. “It is the embodiment of the chaos and uncertainty that we all felt last year. We really wanted to capture something gritty, dark, punishing and vast. The ideas contributed by our producer, Seth Manchester (Machines With Magnets), really pushed this song into new territory for us. Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’ was a huge lyrical and tonal inspiration as well”

Listen to the new offering below; Pale Home is out March 26 via Solid State.